Personal Data Ordinance (GDPR) for Løkkes Maskinfabrik

Løkkes Maskinfabrik handles personal information with the utmost care. This means that we store and process your data correctly and in accordance with applicable law. By sending information to us via e-mail, post or other, you accept that Løkkes Maskinfabrik handles and has access to information such as contact and company information. The information we collect and store is used to manage business relationships as well as for production and sales purposes.

At Løkkes Maskinfabrik, we have a duty to protect your data. Your data may consist of name, company name, CVR number, bank account information, e-mail addresses, telephone number, order handling and various Specifications and agreements. These are stored solely for the purpose of being able to document the basis of the agreement as well as for future contact (for use in our ongoing cooperation).

You have the right to be informed at any time what data we process about you. Access to it may, however, be restricted for reasons of privacy of other persons, to trade secrets and intellectual property rights.

The personal data you provide us with may be shared with Løkkes Maskinfabrik suppliers (eg IT suppliers) to the extent necessary to be able to administrate and perform the above purposes. However, your personal information will not be passed on, sold or otherwise exchanged or shared with other companies, organizations or individuals without your consent.

Only persons at Løkkes Maskinfabrik who are to process and use your personal information for the above purposes have access to your data. Løkkes Maskinfabrik has also taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against, among other things. loss and unauthorized access.

Løkkes Maskinfabrik stores your personal information until the data is no longer necessary or is considered out of date.

In the event of a security breach that results in a high risk of significant inconvenience to you, we will notify you of the security breach as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us.

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