Agriculture's preferred
supplier of in-store drying plants

For more than 60 years, LØKKE has been by far the largest supplier of in-store drying plants for Danish agriculture.

When I first heard about LØKKE Powermix, I immediately thought that it could be a really good investment with a short payback period. LØKKE Powermix is i.a. helpful with a faster drying, a more uniform crop and relief in the form of manual diggin. At the same time, it takes care of the dead zones of my drying plant. Throughout the purchase process, until delivery, LØKKE has provided a good service. I would especially like to highlight when one sunday morning I was standing with a stuffed stock of freshly harvested seeds and an error had occurred and the wires has fallen into the batter. By noon, the wires had been replaced and the fitter was on his way home. 3 times during the short 2020 season, improvements had been made which were continously updated. Absolutely fantastic service. It has been a real pleasure to get a LØKKE Powermix for my in-store drying plant. I can only recommend other plant farmers to invest in a LØKKE Powermix.

Carl Johan Schultz



In-store drying plant for agriculture and industry

LØKKE is a modern and high-tech machine factory that today produces in-store drying plants for grain and seeds. We are by far the largest supplier of in-store drying to Danish agriculture. In addition, we export our solutions to more than 25 countries. In our largest export market in Germany, we have established a subsidiary that sells and designs complete plants for often large farms.

We offer complete plants and individual elements for an in-store drying plant of the highest quality.

  • Fans
  • Drying Floors
  • Wall Systems
  • Main Channels
  • Powermix
  • Gates
  • Heating Systems
  • Automatic Control
  • Conveying
  • Accessories
  • Complete Solutions

Our products are characterized by a very high quality, which gives our solutions an extremely longevity. We are constantly developing and improving our products in close collaboration with our customers.

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Our products are characterized by a very high level of quality, which gives our solutions a very long longevity with great satisfaction among our customers. We have continuously invested in the most modern technologies for design and production, which means that our production efficiency has constantly improved, so that we can offer you quality products at competitive prices.

The constant product development takes place in collaboration with our customers both at home and abroad and often under extreme conditions. Therefore, it is important that our products are thoroughly tested so that we ensure the proven long durability and low operating costs.

Direct customer contact

The direct contact to you as the end user is very important to us. It ensures that we can give you the right advice so that you end up with the right system. That is why a good and close dialogue is very important to us when we design facilities – large and small.

Individual solutions

An in-store drying system must be established so that it fits exactly to the farm’s needs and space conditions in order to work optimally. Therefore, it is important already at the beginning of the project phase to find answers to questions such as:

– What types of crops are there – grain or seeds?

– How much capacity is needed?

– Are there plans for any expansions at a later date?

Sketch suggestions and price estimates

Before we design a drying plant, we always analyze the need together with the customer and possibly other advisors. Based on the analysis, we prepare a sketch proposal and a price estimate, so you have the best basis for making the final decision on the choice of plant.

Together with the final offer, we will of course prepare a comprehensive material in the form of casting instructions, assembly instructions and operating advice.

The simple and stable construction of our system means that you will be able to carry out a large part of the construction and assembly work without any problems – we of course also offer to ensure complete assembly of the system.

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