Quality fans for drying seeds and grains

The fan is the heart of the drying plant, which ensures that the crops are supplied with the required amount of air.

At LØKKE, we offer more than 60 models in two basic types, the HL Series and the ST Series. In addition, we also produce an LM MiniVent fan as well as a large DT100 diesel fan.

All models have high performance and low energy consumption. The fans are made of fully pressed steel plates, so they are stable and with a long service life. Therefore, our fans are not just a fan; our fans are by far the heaviest and strongest on the market.

The efficiency of each drying plant depends to a large extent on the amount of air that the blower can supply to the crops.

When calculating fan size, one must know the air resistance at different grain heights. It is typically calculated 200-300 m³ / h air per tonne of grain to be dried. When drying seeds, 1,200-1,500 m³ / h is calculated per tonne of seeds. If the fan is to be used for aeration / cooling, the required air volume is 15-25 m³ / h per tonne of grain.

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